Our Fiber Routing System is designed to protect, manage and route Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies and Patch Cords to and from Network Cabinets, Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs) and other terminal devices within the Central Office.

The Fiber Routing System provides the necessary Fiber Cable Management to ensure network reliability by:

Maintaining proper Fiber Cable bend radius control at all points
Providing Fiber Cable physical protection from external elements
Enabling easy access to Fiber Cables
Providing necessary Fiber Cable slack management
Properly defining routing paths

45° Down Elbow Fiber Raceway

45° Up Elbow Fiber Raceway

Cross Fitting Fiber Raceway

Downspout Kit Fiber Raceway

End Cap Fiber Raceway

Fiber Raceway Adaptor

Fiber Raceway Ladder Rack Side Support Kit

Fiber Raceway Trapeze Hanger kit

Fibre Raceway Cabinet Top Support Kit (Fixed & Adjustable)

Fibre Raceway Coupler

Horizontal Elbow Fiber Raceway

Horizontal Tee Fiber Raceway

Straight Fiber Raceway

Vertical cutting in Tee Fiber Raceway


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